Stein Valley Heritage Park


This wilderness park contains spectacular scenery and sig- ni cant historic, cultural and spiritual values. ‘Stein’ comes from the Nlaka’pamux word “Stagyn”, meaning ‘hidden place’, referring to the obscurity of this key watershed and the valley that has been important to First Nations for thousands of years, for both sustenance and spirituality, as evidenced by the large number of pictographs still visible today. Due to its size and relative lack of disturbance the park is home to over 50 species of mammals and many varieties of birds and fish in its diverse ecosystem.

Straddling the transition from the dry interior landscape to the wetter coastal mountains, the park protects the entire Stein River watershed with over 150 km of trails and wilderness campsites. Whether stopping in for an easy day hike in the lower valley or trekking into the backcountry on a multi-night trip you will feel the spirit and the energy of this special place.