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The Gold Rush Trail is the story of British Columbia, stretching back millennia into prehistory and before. It is the story of a mighty river and the lands surrounding it: the cleft between mountains, the carving of canyons, and the fertility of the plains. Gold is not the only treasure found on the trail. The rich history of civilizations, diverse cultures, languages and traditions that came before us also comes to life along the way. Here, nature’s abundance beckons to all.

Find Your Way

The Gold Rush Trail begins at the mouth of the Fraser River in New Westminster and winds its way north to Barkerville Historic Town & Park, following the traditional Indigenous peoples’ trading routes utilized during the fur trade and expanded during the gold rushes of 1858-1862.

Today’s Gold Rush Trail is an experiential corridor, a journey of stories, peoples, activities and places that we share with our visitors. Just as many adventurers did before us, travellers come seeking the riches of our region. Travelling this historic trail, you’ll have a chance to disconnect, get away from the crowds and truly connect with history, Indigenous culture and nature. This trail is a story- a history- shaped by nature.

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Please Tread lightly, travel responsibly and follow the principles of Leave no trace when exploring BC’s Gold Rush Trail

  • Respect people and their local cultures
  • Be considerate of local communities and other fellow travellers
  • Buy local and support local
  • Follow the principles of Leave No Trace and Adventure Smart
  • Plan ahead, know before you go and make informed decisions
  • Respect wildlife and keep your distance
  • Dispose of waste properly, recycle and avoid single-use plastics

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