The story of Barkerville’s many firsts

Did you know that Barkerville Historic Town & Park is a place of many firsts? In this Gold Rush Trail storyteller series episode, we meet Barkerville’s Global Media Development Lead, James Douglas, who shares with us the story of Barkerville’s first of two murder trials. The story involves the 1866 murder of Charles Morgan Blessing by a man named James Barry. Douglas explains to us how the quick thinking of an amateur detective resulted in Barry being the first-ever criminal worldwide to be apprehended through the use of the telegraph, which was invented just a year previously! Today, you can stop by the grave of Blessing, near Troll Mountain, on your way to Barkerville which doubles as the smallest historic site in B.C. For more information visit Barkerville Historic Town & Park, Troll Resort and Leg 7 of the Gold Rush Trail – 150 Mile House to Barkerville Historic Town & Park