The story of Charles Hankin at Barkerville Historic Town & Park

In this week’s episode of the Gold Rush Trail storyteller series, we take you back to Barkerville Historic Town & Park to meet yet another one of their special interpreters. While maintaining his beloved character, we meet Charles Hankin, a partner of the Barker & Company claim who arrived in Barkerville from England in 1861. After the claim strikes gold at 16 m (52 ft) on August 17th, 1862, we learn that Mr. Hankin is the one tasked with looking after the mines throughout the winter seasons. With freezing temperatures and an average snow accumulation of 8 m (27 ft), we learn this is no easy feat but as we know, with great reward must come great responsibility! Learn more by visiting Barkerville Historic Town & Park’s website as well as our Gold Rush Trail history page.