The Story of Daniel Grimsby at Barkerville Historic Town & Park

For this week’s Gold Rush Trail storyteller series episode, we head back to Barkerville Historic Town & Park to meet Daniel Grimsby, a gold miner who traveled from California to BC for the gold rush. Here, Daniel shares with us the tough lifestyle that gold miners had. After some troubling times at various rushes, Daniel made his way to Barkerville to take advantage of the Williams Creek gold rush. He began working for the Sheepskin Mining Company and helped to build a wheel that was immensely profitable. Although he was making what would be around $2,000 a day in today’s terms, expenses were very high and it was laborious work. Due to the tough conditions, miners in the mid to late 1800s knew that they had to get out of the mining industry as soon as they had made their money. For more information about Barkerville’s history, visit and