The story of Kumsheen Rafting Resort

Since 1973, Kumsheen has rafted more river miles on the Thompson River and Fraser River than everyone else combined. Rafting pioneer Bernie Fandrich began the first whitewater rafting business on the Thompson River in 1973. Bernie Fandrich was the first to take paying clients down the Thompson River and named all the rapids. Names such as Witch’s Cauldron, Devil’s Kitchen, and Washing Machine are good indicators of what these rapids have in store for you. The Fandrich family continues to own and manage the operation. Although Kumsheen has grown steadily over the years, it still prides itself on being a family operation that cares for everyone that visits the resort. Since 1973, they estimate that they have taken 250,000 people for the ride of their lives, and we’ve brought them all back, wet and safe.