The story of the Importance of Fishing as told by Sandra of Xwísten Experience Tours

In this episode of the Gold Rush Trail storyteller series, we visit the St’at’imc (stat-lee-m) Traditional Territory and meet Sandra who is a guide at Xwísten (hoysh-ten) Experience Tours. Within the bands of the St’at’imc Nation, fish is not only the staple food but it is a way of life! In this video, Sandra guides us along the traditional fishing trail which leads down to a historically significant site at the confluence of the Fraser River and Bridge River. Using dip nets, set nets, drift nets, and methods such as wind drying, smoking, and freezing, St’at’imc people still harvest salmon the same way that their ancestors did. To learn more about Xwisten Experience Tours’ award-winning guided tours, read our Indigenous Cultural Experiences blog post and visit their website.