The story of the Xwísten Archaeological Site as told by Laura Grizzlypaws

This Gold Rush Trail storyteller series episode features the remarkable Laura Grizzlypaws. Coming to you from St’at’imc (stat-lee-m) Traditional Territory, here, she introduces us to the Xwísten (hoysh-ten) Archaeological Site, a redeveloped ancestral lodge that sustained the community members of the Xwísten band. Located within the mountains, the home was used to gather in as well as to keep provisions in throughout the winter. The Xwísten peoples were well known throughout the region for their abundance of resources including salmon and berries. Referred to as the Smiling People because of this, they worked cohesively to hunt, gather, store, and provide for one another. We encourage you to learn more about the Xwísten Archaeological Site by visiting Xwisten Experience Tours’ website as well as our Indigenous Cultural Experiences blog post.