Uncovering the Mysteries of the Gold Rush Trail: Haunted Tours

With a long history of spooky tales that go back centuries, British Columbia is considered by many as the most haunted province in Canada, and the Gold Rush Trail ranks as one of the top places to find supernatural phenomena. Every year the region welcomes tourists and locals seeking to embark on a thrilling adventure that combines beautiful scenery, historic places, and the unique opportunity to communicate with the spirits that still reside in the area’s fascinating buildings.

Exploring the Gold Rush Trail

A Journey Through Time

The Gold Rush Trail stretches across the picturesque landscapes of the Cariboo region, enticing adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. The trail is filled with historic buildings, including abandoned houses where once farmers, miners, business people, and explorers lived. Some of the most iconic spots to find those treasures and immerse in the supernatural are 108 Mile Ranch, Quesnel and Barkerville.

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An Encounter with The Spirits

Ghostly Tours: 108 Mile Ranch

The historic buildings at 108 Mile Heritage Site, a collection dating from the mid-1800s to the mid-twentieth century, offer a glimpse into the past and are said to provide a platform for communication with the spirits that still linger within their walls. This is exactly what you can expect when embarking on the famous 108 Mile Ghost Tours, a guided tour of five different haunted buildings in this historic village.

The 108 Mile Ghostly Tours is an opportunity for visitors to witness the paranormal activity that unfolds after sundown. As the clock strikes 8 pm, the group embarks on a journey that lasts approximately 3 hours, immersing in the mysteries of the Gold Rush Trail. For those wishing to experience this haunted journey, private tours and group tickets can be booked through the 108 Mile Ghostly Tour Facebook Page.

“We believe that the spirits and ghosts lingering in these structures have their own stories to tell,” shares Dave Scott, the mastermind behind the 108 Mile Ghost Tours.

For a sneak peek into the eerie adventure that awaits, check out the video below!

‘Real’ Ghosts of the Past: Barkerville Historic Town & Park

Also known as the El Dorado of the gold rush, Barkerville was once the epicentre of a multi-billion-dollar industrial revolution that literally built and shaped British Columbia. With the gold rush, adventure, robbery, and murder also took place in the region, giving room to hair-raising stories about the oldest inhabitants of the 125 restored buildings that are now part of Barkerville Historic Town & Park.

Visitors who want to experience all the paranormal activity in this historic town, can book an unforgettable night at the St. George B&B – Barkerville’s famously ‘haunted’ hotel.

A Night of Mystery: Quesnel Museum and Archives

Preserving the enigmatic tales of the Gold Rush Era, the Quesnel Museum and Archives immerse visitors in a tapestry of spine-chilling history, artifacts, and photography, including the secrets of Mandy, the Haunted Doll. Those fortunate enough to explore its depths in October are invited to join the ‘Haunted Happenings at The Museum’ event. This adults-only soirée promises an enthralling night complete with spine-tingling trivia, mystical tarot readings, a cinematic journey into fear, and an unforgettable tour of the hauntingly evocative Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery.

The Ghost Town of the Cariboo: Quesnelle Forks

Embarking on a solo adventure? Quesnelle Forks deserves a prime spot on your bucket list. Expect no employees, souvenir shops or cafes in this ghostly haven, just compelling glimpses and fragments of the past residents who lived here in the late 1800s. Visitors can go on a self-guided tour through original log cabins and a heritage graveyard, the only evidence of the people who once lived here. Accessible via a dirt road from Likely, the journey to this historical treasure promises not only a fun exploration but also a potentially spine-tingling encounter with the past.

Quesnelle Forks | Jonny Bierman

Embarking on the Gold Rush Trail Haunted Tours

Ready to embrace spine-chilling experiences along the Gold Rush Trail? Whether you crave the thrill of a guided nocturnal tour, prefer solo exploration through forsaken towns, or seek the safety of a curated museum, there’s an experience tailored for everyone. Regardless of your choice, pay homage to the intriguing lives of those who once inhabited these places.