Scenic Spring Weekend Drives from Vancouver

Every so often, it’s a good idea to escape the vibrant energy of the big city and recharge amidst the relaxing atmosphere of small towns, serene nature, and rural landscapes. The pace of urban living can be overwhelming, but longer trips aren’t always feasible. Here’s a list of five quick, scenic spring weekend drives along the Gold Rush Trail that are just a few hours from Vancouver but enough to reinvigorate you.

Lillooet: Scenic Wonders and Cultural Delights

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Jonny Bierman

Distance from Vancouver: 252 km via BC-99 N

Located north of Vancouver, the charm of Lillooet offers a variety of dining options and budget-friendly accommodations, such as B&Bs and campsites. The area is an ideal destination for a spring weekend drive, with convenient access to activities like mountain biking, backpacking, and boating when the weather allows.

Options are plenty: from Fort Berens Estate Winery to the town’s Farmer’s Market and the Lillooet Museum, Lillooet transforms into a spring playground for visitors of all ages. Make sure to check the hours of operation as some of these activities will open during the warmer season, and you’ll be good to go!

Bridge River Valley: Vibrant Culture and Unlimited Exploration

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Jonny Bierman

Distance from Vancouver: 306.6 km via BC-99 N

Lying just 300 km north of Vancouver, the Bridge River Valley might be the perfect destination for your spring weekend drive. This breathtaking valley offers the closest immersive wilderness experience to the city, with many options for activities to suit all tastes, from hiking and mountain biking to horseback riding and even flightseeing with Tyax Adventures.

For knowledge seekers, the region is replete with amazing cultural spots rich in history: visit abandoned towns, try your luck at finding gold in the Haylmore Heritage Site, and don’t forget to explore the Bralorne Pioneer Museum for a full day of learning.

Logan Lake: Serene Nature and a Picturesque Town

Distance from Vancouver: 318.7 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E and BC-5 N

Part of the Highland Valley and located within the traditional territory of the Nlaka’pamux Nation, Logan Lake is one of those places you’ll want to revisit, as there’s so much to do in the breathtaking region. During the warmer months, you can engage in exciting activities such as golfing, fishing, or hunting. If your idea of a perfect spring weekend is to stay put and enjoy the serene solitude that the lake has to offer, you can spend some time at their fully serviced campground or choose from other forms of accommodation, ranging from charming bed and breakfasts to lively resorts.

With a population of only 2,255 inhabitants (according to the 2021 census), the charming town of Logan Lake also boasts a strong sense of community and numerous opportunities for locally-owned shopping and dining. So, if you decide to take a stroll around town, be sure to meet some of the residents, as they’ll warmly welcome you and perhaps offer valuable tips about hidden gems in the area!

Ashcroft: Rural Tranquility and a Touch of Heritage

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Guy Lundstrom

Distance from Vancouver: 339 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E and Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1

The Village of Ashcroft won’t disappoint those seeking a gentle-paced rural lifestyle yet close to the larger urban center of Vancouver. Boasting an exciting blend of history and nature, the community of Ashcroft will no doubt keep you entertained on your spring weekend.

Available all seasons, fishing aficionados have the chance to check several excellent lakes within 40 km of the community. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the area’s unique geography by traversing trails on foot, by bike, or on horseback. If you prefer staying in town, why not try Ashcroft HUB and indulge in their wellness center? Alternatively, you can visit the museum honouring the local Indigenous People, the Chinese community, and other pioneers of the area.

Clinton: Historic Haven and Adventure Hub

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Jordan Dyck

Distance from Vancouver: 384 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E and Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1

Head northeast from Vancouver to Clinton for your spring weekend drive, and soon you’ll find yourself deep in beautiful landscapes and a town rich in pioneer history. A true gem for outdoor lovers, consider visiting the gorgeous Kelly Lake for some rainbow trout fishing and relaxation, or explore “The Grand Canyon of the North” along the Fraser River, where you can find some truly unique rock formations.

Interested in stepping back in time? From May 1st, Historic Hat Creek Ranch will be opening for the season and you’ll be able to experience an original roadhouse built during the 1800s gold rush, as well as stagecoach rides, souvenir shop, restaurant, camping, and cabins. This is definitely one for your bucket list.

Options for quick and spontaneous drives from Vancouver along the Gold Rush Trail are plenty, inviting you to immerse yourself in the diverse activities surrounding the city. Return to urban life refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to plan your next spring weekend getaway!