Bridge River Valley


Surrounded by the towering peaks of the South Chilcotin Mountains, the communities of Gold Bridge and Bralorne sprang to life during the Great Depression with the 1932 opening of a large gold mine. The Bralorne Pioneer Mine would produce more than four million ounces of gold before its closure in 1971, making it the richest gold mine in Canadian history and prompting construction of the towns, with schools, churches, homes, offices, recreation halls and rustic hunting lodges. After lying abandoned for many years, the mine re-opened in 2011 in response to rising gold prices, and is again producing gold.

History buffs can enjoy a stop at the Haylmore site for a taste of the early history and tips on what is happening in the valley, while outdoor lovers will appreciate the valley for its fishing, hunting, rock hounding, numerous alpine lakes and rugged mountain vistas. In addition, resorts are scenically situated on the shores of several local lakes, with air-assisted mountain biking a popular activity, along with phenomenal snowmobiling and heli-skiing.