EV Road Tripping the Gold Rush Trail

Did you know that you can road trip BC’s Gold Rush Trail entirely with an Electric Vehicle (EV)? That’s right, gone are the days when EVs were limited to commuting within the city! With EV ranges constantly increasing and more and more charging stations popping up around the province, road-tripping in an EV is a financially advantageous, environmentally friendly, and stress-free way to explore this historic and scenic route. 

Before jumping into the route itinerary, let’s go over some tips and important considerations when it comes to road tripping in an EV:

  1. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your car’s public charging requirements before departing. If you need to brush up on charging information, visit Chargehub’s Electric Vehicle Charging Guide
  2. Use PlugShare to view public chargers. You can sort chargers by speed, connector type and cost to zero in on the best stations for you and your vehicle.
  3. PlugShare also has a trip-planning feature that allows you to find charge points along a given route. Just enter your origin and destination and the app will show you all the chargers along the way. You can even input your vehicle’s range to plan your route around your charging stops.
  4. Be conservative in planning charging stops. Remember that air conditioning, hills, and cold weather can affect your range.
  5. Plan charging stops around activities, overnight accommodations, or meal breaks. Don’t forget that RV parks/campsites are excellent sources of overnight electricity. 
  6. Know and follow good charging etiquette. EV charging has great social opportunities to chat and compare EV experiences!
  7. Embrace the freedom from internal combustion. Enjoy the EV pace and low cost of travel. You never know what charming places you might stumble upon that you might have otherwise missed. 

ITINERARY: Highway 1, 12, 99, and 97 via Hope, Lillooet, and Quesnel

Total Distance: 510 km/317 mi (can be shorter depending on chosen destination)

Recommended time: 3 to 12 days 

Highlights:  Othello Tunnels (temporarily closed due to 2021 floods), Hell’s Gate Airtram, Tuckkwiowhum Heritage Village, Kumsheen Rafting Resort, Xwisten Experience Tours, Seton Lake Lookout, Blue Lake Resort, Fort Berens Estate Winery, Pavilion Lake, Historic Hat Creek Ranch, Sugar Shack, Green Lake Provincial Park, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, farmers’ markets, mountain biking in Williams Lake, Xatsull Heritage Village, plus more!

Please note that you may be able to bypass certain stops depending on your range and preferences. 

EV road trip gold rush trail

 Learn more and download the PDF version of this itinerary below:

Charge Stop 1 – Hope


Hope Klassen Rd Supercharger –  (Teslas only) 12 Tesla (Fast) stations

Hope Supercharger –  (Teslas only) 10 Tesla (Fast) stations

Hope District Hall –  1 J-1772 station

District of Hope – 1 CHAdeMO station & 4 CCS/SAE stations

Hope – 4th Ave Parking/Charging – 2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations

Hope & Area Recreation Centre – 2 J-1772 stations    

Ministry of Transportation – 2 J-1772 stations

1046 4 Ave Parking Lot – 1 J-1772 station

Fraser Canyon Hospital – 1 J-1772 station

Petro Canada – 2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations   

Things to Do:

  • Grab a coffee and stroll through town to view the impressive 80+ chainsaw carvings that are the reason why Hope is referred to as the Chainsaw Capital.
  • Find liquid gold at one of the many breweries and wineries within the Fraser Valley and Hope itself.
  • Visit Kilby Historic Site 
  • Take a walk at the Othello Tunnels (temporarily closed due to 2021 floods)
  • Discover the many farmers’ markets and other agritourism experiences within the Fraser Valley
  • Learn more about these activities and others here.

Places to Stay:

The Rockwell Harrison Guest Lodge B&B

Fraser River Lodge

High Hopes B&B

Gold Rush Trail Highway Signs │ Jonny Bierman

Charge Stop 2 – 65 km/40 mi – Boston Bar


Boston Bar Canyon Lanes (1 J-1772 station, 1 CCS/SAE station, & 1 CHAdeMO station)

Things to Do:

Hell’s Gate Airtram │ Jonny Bierman

Places to Stay:

Old Towne Inne 

Tuckkwiowhum Campground 

REO Rafting, Glamping & Yoga Resort

Tuckkwiowhum Village │ Tyler Cave

Charge Stop 3 – 18km/11 mi – Blue Lake Resort


Blue Lake Resort Charging Station (1 J-1772 station)

Situated on its own private lake, and complete with a cozy lodge, scenic campgrounds, and rustic or lakefront cabins, Blue Lake Resort is the ideal place to spend the night while you charge. Learn more about 19 epic glamping and camping resorts you need to visit in BC story

Blue Lake Resort │ @sharon.davison71

Charge Stop 4 – 35km/22 mi – Kumsheen Rafting Resort


Kumsheen Rafting Resort (3 Tesla stations)

Add some adventure to your road trip and visit Kumsheen Rafting Resort. Stay overnight in one of their unique glamping tents or teepees and take in the spectacular scenery and epic white water of the Thompson River. Kumsheen is also home to the fabulous Cutting Board restaurant. Learn more by reading about white water rafting & yoga resorts and 19 epic glamping and camping resorts you need to visit in BC.

Kumsheen Rafting Resort │ Tyler Cave

Charge Stop 5 – 69km/43 mi – Lillooet


Lillooet Old Mill Plaza – 2 CCS/SAE stations & 2 CHAdeMO stations

Retasket Lodge & RV Park 1 J-1772 station

Fort Berens Estate Winery / ZEROCAR
Fort Berens Estate Winery │ ZEROCAR

Things to Do: 

  • Grab some tasty road trip treats at Abundance Artisan Bakery
  • A trip to Lillooet is not complete without a stop at the award-winning Fort Berens Estate Winery.
  • Take in the local St’át’imc (stat-lee-m) Indigenous culture with a tour at Xwisten Experience Tours or roam the boardwalks and buy locally made botanical products at Splitrock Environmental.
  • Stop at the viewpoint overlooking the picturesque emerald-green waters of Seton Lake Reservoir and the surrounding Chilcotin Range.
  • Learn more about these activities and others here.

Places to Stay:

Retasket Lodge & RV Park (charging available) 

Reynolds Hotel

Texas Creek Campground  

Fraser Cove Campground 

Detour – 59km/37 mi Redhill Rest Area Charging Station – J-1772 stations, 2 CHAdeMO stations, & 2 CCS/SAE stations

For those wanting a faster route that bypasses Lillooet, head Northeast after Kumsheen Rafting Resort and Lytton. This route follows Highway 1 and travels through Spences Bridge and Ashcroft connecting back up to Cache Creek. You can learn more about this leg of the route here.  

Charge Stop 6 – 89km/55 mi – Cache Creek


Cache Creek Visitor Information Centre – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Sage Hills Motel – 1 J-1772 station & 1 Tesla station  

Things to Do:

Places to Stay:  

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Sunset Motel

Sage Hills Motel (charging available) 

Historic Hat Creek │ Tyler Cave

Charge Stop 7 – 40km/25 mi – Clinton


Village of Clinton Charging Station – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Things to Do:

Places to Stay:

Tutti Gravel Inn (must-stay for gravel riding enthusiasts)

Cariboo Lodge 

Chasm Provincial Park │ Destination BC/Andrew Strain
Detour – 66km/41 mi Echo Valley Ranch & Spa Charging Station – 1 J-1772 station & 2 Tesla stations (guests only)

For those interested in an authentic and luxury guest ranch experience, a detour to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a must. With an award-winning Thai-influenced spa, exceptional riding opportunities, horsemanship classes, adventure activities, and wellness experiences, Echo Valley is an immersive and invigorating escape. Plus, they have on-site charging stations available for guests! To learn more about Echo Valley and others check out 12 guest ranches with all the wide-open spaces you’re looking for this summer.
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa │ ZEROCAR
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa │ ZEROCAR

Charge Stop 8 – 65km/40 mi from Echo Valley Ranch & Spa or 31km/19 mi from Clinton – 70 Mile House


70 Mile House – Canada Post – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

The Sugar Shack! – 1 Tesla station (customers only)

Things to Do:

  • Stop by the Sugar Shack for authentic poutine, smoked meat sandwich or to stock up on maple syrup for your journey ahead. You can even charge your Tesla while you eat!
  • Make a slight detour (approx. 20km/12mi) off the Highway to visit Green Lake Provincial Park – one of the most popular destinations in the South Cariboo for water sports. Here, you’ll find a plethora of unique accommodation options. 
  • Learn more about these activities and others here.
The Sugar Shack │ Destination BC/Andrew Strain

Places to Stay:

Flying U Ranch

Tall Timbers Resort 

Watch Lake Lodge

The Sugar Shack │ ZEROCAR
Detour – 36km/22 mi Meadow Lake Guest Ranch – 1 Tesla station & 1 wall plug (guests only)

Nestled on 700+ acres of land, stay at Meadow Lake Guest Ranch for a refreshing getaway in nature. Enjoy fishing, swimming, trail riding, and relaxing in one of the private guest homes… all while you charge your Tesla.  

Charge Stop 9 – 41km/25 mi from 70 Mile House – 100 Mile House


South Cariboo Visitor Centre Charging Station – 2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations

Things to Do:

100 Mile House  │ ZEROCAR
South Cariboo Visitor Centre Charging Station │ ZEROCAR
Detour – approx. 36km/22 mi  – Canim Lake

One of the larger lakes in the Cariboo, and popular for fishing, paddling, swimming, picnicking and water skiing, a detour to Canim Lake is a great way to beat the heat. Whether you visit the recreation site or stay at one of the lake’s many spectacular resorts such as Canim Lake Resort, South Point Resort, Reynolds Resort, or Rainbow Resort, please note that there are no charging stations along this detour. 
Canim Lake │ Jonny Bierman

Places to Stay:

108 Mile Golf Resort

94 Mile Motel

Crystal Springs Resort

Kokanee Bay Resort

Charge Stop 10 – 88km/55 mi – Williams Lake


Super 8 by Wyndham Williams Lake – 1 J-1772 station

Williams Lake Supercharger – 8 Tesla (Fast) stations

Prosperity Ridge Shopping Centre – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Williams Lake City Hall – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

TRU Williams Lake Campus – 2 J-1772 stations 

Things to Do: 

Mountain Biking in Williams Lake │ John Wellburn

Places to Stay: 

Super 8 by Wyndham Williams Lake (charging available) 

Best Western Williams Lake

Sandman Hotels Williams Lake 

Williams Lake Art Gallery │ Jonny Bierman

Charge Stop 11 – 82 km/51 mi – Australian Rest Area 


Australian Rest Area – 2 CCS/SAE stations, 2 CHAdeMO stations, and 1 J-1772 station

Things to Do: 

  • Before reaching this charging station, stop in at the renowned Soda Creek Sweet Corn, located at the historic Dunlevy Ranch, to u-pick corn and other veggies during the harvest season, which typically begins in mid-August.
  • For an exceptional Indigenous experience, visit Xatśūll Heritage Village (hat-sooth) just 20 minutes north of Williams Lake.  
  • For mountain biking, the Xatśūll trail network now offers over 30km/18.6 mi of trails with stunning views of the heritage village and the Fraser River.
Xatśūll Heritage Village │ Michael Bednar

Charge Stop 12 – 36 km/22 mi – Quesnel


350 Barlow Ave Building – 2 J-1772 stations

Billy Barker Hotel – 1 J-1772 station

Quesnel Extra Foods – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Quesnel SmartCentre – Mark’s – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Hixon Public Parking – 1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Things to Do:

Places to Stay: 

Roberts Roost Resort

Billy Barker Hotel (charging available)  

Barkerville Historic Town & Park │ Destination BC/Steve Ogle

Learn more and download the PDF version of this itinerary below: