The lakes, rivers and waterfalls are the true vein of the gold along this trail

If you’re looking to be stopped dead in your tracks by the beauty of the Gold Rush Trail, then look no further than the cascading waterfalls, rivers and lakes tucked away among the craggy rocks and lumbering trees. With the highest concentration of lakes and rivers in Canada, it’s no surprise the region is a haven for swimmers, water skiers, wakeboarders, canoeists, kayakers – in fact, anyone who loves to hop into a boat or play in the water. Waterfall lovers will find trails to some spectacular waterfalls range from short and sweet to lengthy and challenging, so there is no reason anyone should have to miss out on the amazing water features our region has to offer.

The South Cariboo’s Green Lake, for example, is particularly popular with swimmers and water skiers. White-knuckle rafters and kayakers can pick and choose from a multitude of top whitewater routes in the Fraser Canyon, Thompson River and many of the rivers in the Cariboo, while canoeists flock to the world-renowned Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit, one of North America’s most spectacular wilderness lake adventures.

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