Photo Courtesy of Hope BC.com

Hope’s place at the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla rivers, set between the Coast and Cascade mountains, has made it an integral spot along the Gold Rush Trail – a geographic and spiritual heart of British Columbia. For 10,000 years Hope has been a natural stopping point and meeting place for Stó:lō (STOH-lo), and later European traders and travellers.

European settlement started in earnest following Simon Fraser’s 1808 journey down the Fraser River and the Hudson Bay Company’s 1848 establishment of Fort Hope. When the Fraser River Gold Rush began in 1858, Hope enjoyed prominence as a gateway to the riches of the Fraser and, later, the Cariboo goldfields.

Today, Hope is a gateway to the beauty of B.C.’s interior and a great place from which to launch your trip along the Gold Rush Trail. Be sure to spend some time at the Hope Museum, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Othello Tunnels, and see as many of the 60+ chainsaw carvings as you can.