Spences Bridge

New Lytton

It is here that Cook and Kimball built a rope ferry across the Thompson River to transport the influx of prospectors; earning the community the name of Cook’s Ferry (the local First Nations carry this name today). In 1864 the ferry was replaced with a bridge built by Thomas Spence during the construction of the Cariboo Waggon Road from Yale to Barkerville.

The fishing in this area attracts anglers from around the world during peak season, with hard-fighting steelhead the major lure. While its agricultural history continues to flourish with locally grown vegetables and fruits sold at stalls along the highway and in town, a visit to the historic Widow Smith packing house will add some flavour to your Spences Bridge stop. The famous Widow Smith gravesite provides great photo opportunities and hidden geocache treasure. While wild herds of California bighorn sheep wander the area year-round; keep a watchful eye out for them on the highway and throughout the community.