Xwisten Heritage Site

Lillooet copy

In the southern Chilcotin, no fewer than 11 different communities make up the St’át’imc First Nation, whose traditional territories were located in and around an ancient gathering place now known as Lillooet. Here today, Xwisten (hoysh-ten) Experience Tours offers award-winning guided excursions that include walks along the banks of Fraser to view the Bridge River fishing rocks and the traditional wind-dried method of preserving salmon. Add on a guided exploration of the extensive Xwisten archaeological site’s 80 s7istkens (shesh-ken) or pit houses, dating back thousands of years. To complete your experience enjoy a traditional Salmon BBQ meal.

As well, the neighbouring Cayoose Creek Band o ers interpretive walks of the beautifully restored Lower Seton spawning channel, while just five minutes from downtown Lillooet is the site of a traditional s7istken, or pit house, built by the T’it’q’et community (tlee-ti-cut).