You have reached the El Dorado of the Gold Rush Trail, where on August 17, 1862 Billy Barker “struck the lead” bringing a boom town to life. Now a Canadian National Historic Site, Barkerville is B.C.’s best known heritage destination and the largest historic site in western North America. Full of colour and vitality with stagecoach rides, live theatre, saloons serving mugs of sarsaparilla, a photo studio, café and bakery, a well-preserved 19th-century Chinatown and intriguing cemetery tours, families love to visit. Interpreters roam the streets as historical characters, greeting newcomers as if they’d just arrived on a Barnard Express stagecoach. 135 restored buildings are on display as ‘locals’ set off to work at the mine or otherwise bring a bygone era to life. As well, the Barkerville Museum houses one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Chinese artifacts outside China. See and hear what it was like to be a blacksmith, a school teacher, a seamstress – or a precocious child – 150+ years ago.